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johnny depp and tim burton on comedy central?? what??

Sorry that i haven't updated in awhile i have been away at the cape enjoying the beautiful weather (lately we've been getting the remains of a hurricane but nonetheless it's still summer so what the heck). i have some news to update everyone one if you are interested:
There are several contests going on right now having to do with the up and coming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (6 days and counting!!)
1. They are actually having a contest that is related to the movie. They are putting golden tickets (well actually a "golden ticket" painted on the inside of the wrapper) in wonka bars and other various wonka candy. You could win $10,000 or other various prizes!
2. The Collective (www.timburtoncollective.com) is hosting two different contests as of now. The first one is to paint, draw, or make something creative based on one of children or the oompa loompas in the movie. I am working on a project of my own for this contest just for fun. The prizes aren't too hott BUT it would be fun just to win a poster or something of the sort.
3. and the second contest is to write your own original oompa loompa song. haha all details can be found at the collective.

What i really posted to say ISSS that tim burton AND Johnny depp are going to be hosting a south park marathon on comedy central tomorrow (7/10) at 12:00 midnight. weird huh? why south park? who knows but they are going to be talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and to watch an interview with tim burton and johnny depp together would be quite interesting <3 well i hope you watch it will be cool to see what burton and depp have to say about this new movie

well that's all for now lovelies
<3 bye!
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